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Zakaria November 17, 2023
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1.3 explain the value of at least two other Lean/agile development approaches outside of Scrum.

Examples of other Lean/Agile approaches are: The approaches should belong to the Lean family in general. Lean Software Development, Kanban, and SAFe can be considered Lean, eXtreme Programming, Crystal Clear, Feature Driven Development, and of course, Scrum would be “Agile” in this context.

3.7 explain at least two ways development practices may impact the Scrum Team’s ability to deliver valuable, usable Increments each Sprint.

Examples of how development practices can help a Development Team are: Continuous integration helps to detect integration errors earlier and speed up releasing; Refactoring improves product quality and thus minimizes adjustments for new features; Collective ownership of designs and implementations reduces island knowledge and bottlenecks due to unnecessary specialization.

3.8 describe how development practices are highly beneficial in a multiple team environment.

Example reasons why dev practices are beneficial for multiple teams: provide earlier feedback; simplify integration; reduce defects; enable new team members to get up to speed.