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Zakaria November 17, 2023
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6.4 express at least three attributes of an effective leader.

Examples of effective leadership: There are many sources for this. Most of them include selfawareness, a focus on developing others, good communication skills, inclusiveness, decisiveness, encouraging behavior.

6.5 demonstrate one or more attributes of a leader.

Examples of how leadership attributes can be demonstrated: experience report, role-play in class.

1.4 rank at least five personality traits of an excellent Scrum Master.

Examples of personality traits: There is no right or wrong. A possible collection of personality traits for a Scrum Master could be: Flexibility, creativity, passion, empathy, trustworthiness, sense of humor [adopted from https://www.socialworker.com/extras/social-work-month-2015/7-characteristicsevery-social-worker-needs/]; adjectives: proactive, curious, humble, improving, learning, responsible, committed.

6.1 analyze your fulfillment of the Scrum values and how you could improve.

Examples of how to evaluate personal fulfilment might include using a radar chart or other scale. A journal is also possible.