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Zakaria November 17, 2023
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5.1 practice resolving the root cause of an organizational impediment.

Examples of resolution methods: Root cause analysis; 5 Whys; Causal Loop Diagrams; peedboat retrospective

5.2 discuss at least three possible impacts to your Scrum Team or organization that could result if your Scrum Team adopted the latest definition of Scrum.

Example questions regarding the impacts of new Scrum Guide adoption: Based on the Scrum Guide 2020, what are some differences between their current adoption and the way Scrum is described? Would it help to change the current practices?

Zakaria: Cross-functional teams – Self-Management causes changes in the role of the manager

5.7 describe the nature of complex systems.

Examples for the nature of complex systems: large numbers of interacting elements; the system is dynamic; elements evolve with one another and with the environment; unpredictability. [David Snowden: A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making/Cynefin]

5.8 describe at least two approaches for catalyzing organizational change.

Examples for organizational change frameworks: Lewin’s change management model; The McKinsey
7-S model; Kotter’s theory; Nudge theory; ADKAR; Bridges’ transition model; Kübler-Ross’ change curve; The Satir change management model.