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Service to PO LOs

Zakaria November 17, 2023
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4.1 explain the relationship between a product vision and a Product Goal.

Example: The newly introduced “Product Goal” could be seen as a synonym for “Product Vision.” However, the student should be able to distinguish between both terms. “The Product Goal is the longterm objective for the Scrum Team. They must fulfill (or abandon) one objective before taking on the next.” [Scrum Guide] indicates that there can be a sequence of Product Goals for a given product. A vision is typically more loosely described than a goal.

4.2 Create or refine a Product Goal with the Scrum Team and stakeholders.

Examples of techniques to create or refine a product goal are: product vision board; business model or Lean canvas; customer journey; impact mapping; user story mapping.

4.3 create a Product Backlog that supports achievement of a Product Goal.

Examples of creating a Product Backlog that supports achievement of a Product Goal: story mapping; roadmapping; ordering features or epics followed by decomposition and refinement of Product Backlog items.

4.4 practice at least one approach to refine the Product Backlog.

Examples of approaches to refine the Product Backlog items are: PBI splitting; BDD; Specification by Example; estimating; user story workshop.